Resident Testimonies

Amanda’s Testimony
“When I came to Hannah House, I had a chip on my shoulder and hated the world. I was on a huge self-pity trip and thought I was the only one in the world with problems. I didn’t trust anyone and had no intentions to start. I had built up a massive wall of defense and was determined not to let anyone in. What I didn’t plan on was God stepping over that wall. Slowly, little by little, God had begun to take my wall down one brick at a time. Then one day all of a sudden the wall came crashing down and I realized that I could not trust God, I could not trust people, and I could do nothing on my own. I realized that I could only trust God and other people with God’s strength. I had to ask Him for help in order to do this. So I prayed and asked God to give me His strength and wisdom to trust Him and to make that right decision for my baby’s life. Now the thing about God is that He is faithful and loving and forgiving even though we as humans are not. He gave me what I asked for. First, He helped me trust in Him and Him alone. Then He showed me what His will was for the life I was carrying inside of me…”

Danielle’s Testimony
My name is Danielle and I’m 18 years old. I am a mother of a beautiful little boy. I’m also expecting my second child and, no, I am not married. You would have thought I would have learned the first time, but I didn’t. Telling my parents that I was pregnant this time was harder than the first time. We were all devastated and the worst thing I could have done was to break my daddy’s heart for the second time. But since I was on my own they wanted me to live the life I had chosen for myself at that time without their help. I was an adult now, remember? The relationship with my parents wasn’t there anymore and I wanted it back, but most of all I wanted my son. So my boyfriend’s mother gave me numbers to call for maternity homes, and luckily the first one I fell in love with was Hannah House. I came to Hannah House and when Mrs. Glennis opened the door she immediately welcomed me with a hug, and right then I knew this place was for me. Mrs. Glennis and I talked about my life. She has never judged me or my past, but we both knew I had a lot of growing up to do, especially if I wanted to make a life for my son and this child. Without Mrs. Glennis and Hannah House I can’t even imagine what my life would be like. I’d still think and act like a child. And I know there’s a reason why God brought me here and I’m so thankful. I’ve matured because God and my babies have helped me grow into the adult I never was or never thought I could be. I just can’t believe it took two years to come this far, and I can finally be the mom that I know I should have been all along.

Justine’s Testimony
At the age of seventeen, I found out I was pregnant. I was devastated and so were my parents. I thought about how much my life was going to change. I would be a mother soon. I was responsible for a life. I began to cry. I was scared and felt hopeless. The sun was setting when we came to Hannah House. I got out of the car and looked at my new home. As I walked up the steps a woman opened the door. I soon came to learn her name, Mrs. Glennis, along with everyone else in the house. After I got settled I said the hardest good-bye to my mother and father. It was then I saw the care and love I would be receiving when Mrs. Glennis gave me a hug to help me not cry. I was amazed, for she did not know me yet she wanted to help me. The first night at Hannah House was the longest of all. I was away from home for the first time and I missed my family. I began to pray. I prayed for God to make me strong and to help me with each day. I prayed this way every night and He answered. All of the sudden I had a second family. As I wake up and go to sleep, the whole day is filled with the teaching of Jesus Christ. I felt safe and for the first time I felt relieved of worries. I saw becoming a mother as a blessing, not a devastating event. I felt myself grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was whole. Because of being here at Hannah House, I learned to be independent and closer to my family.

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